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Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky (BBV) is one of Western Australia’s most respected law firms, delivering legal advice and solutions across a full range of practice areas.

BBV is the first significant law firm in Perth to offer legal services on a Fixed Fee Pricing basis – we no longer bill by the hour. This revolutionary approach focuses on delivering greater certainty and peace of mind to our clients. It is also consistent with our intent to become a firm of the future. In adopting Fixed Fee Pricing, BBV is helping shape the future of the legal profession into one that is more client focused and outcome driven.

Recognised by the Law Society of Western Australia as an Approved Quality Practice, BBV is also the proud winner of the prestigious Law Australasia Pursuit of Excellence Award.

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What Happens if You Die Without a Will?

By Morgan Solomon, Director at Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky Lawyers

21 August 2014

At least 50% of us don’t have a properly drafted and considered Will.  Why not?  There are all kinds of reasons, for example, wanting to avoid having to make major decisions about who  to leave your assets to.  Wanting to avoid possible arguments with a partner or spouse about such decisions.  Believing that Wills are only for the wealthy.  Thinking that preparing a Will requires more time and money than it actually does.

One of the biggest reasons why people put off making a Will is because they don’t understand the consequences of not having a Will.  So, what happens if you die ‘intestate’ – i.e. without a Will.   In such a case, the laws of intestacy apply as set out in the Administration Act 1903, as amended by the Administrations Amendment Act 1976.

What do those laws entail?  Here is a summary of some of the main features:

  • The first $50,000 of your estate goes to your surviving spouse, who also gets one third of the residue.

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    Posted on: Aug 21, 2014

The Benefits of a Shareholders Agreement

By David Vilensky, Director at Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky

8 August 2014

People who join together to form a company should consider entering into a shareholders agreement.  In essence, a shareholders agreement is a de facto partnership agreement and it supplements the constitution of the company.

A shareholders agreement protects the respective rights of each co-owner if their relationship were to turn sour.  The alternative could be a legal deadlock from which there will be no winners.

If your preferred entity is a unit trust, unit holders of a unit trust (the equivalent of shareholders of a company) can similarly enter into a unit holders agreement to supplement the unit trust deed.

A shareholders agreement provides a clear statement of how the co-owners plan to operate the company.  There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ shareholders agreement.  They are tailored to suit the particular business and needs of the participating shareholders and directors.

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Posted on: Aug 8, 2014

Why I’d Never Want to go Back to Time Billing

By Lisa Wolyniec, Solicitor at Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky Lawyers

31 July 2014

Before moving to BBV and the fixed fee pricing system I had always worked for firms which followed the billable hour model.  Since the move, I have no doubt at all that the conduct of my client work has changed markedly for the better.

Many lawyers would appreciate the benefits of the system - you are no longer a slave, working long hours to make targets based on time. Removing this for me has meant life has improved and, as a corollary to that, my work has improved.

The nature of how I approach my work under the fixed fee model has changed too. It has opened my eyes to think more commercially - like a business person, not a lawyer - and in doing so I feel free to think outside the square, to find a solution to a client’s problem rather than to trudge through what now appears to be a rather routine case management process.

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Posted on: Jul 31, 2014

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Fixed Fee Pricing
Our clients benefit from Fixed Fee Pricing

> Greater certainty and peace of mind
> Focus on outcomes delivered – not time spent
> Fees which fairly match each case
> Access to a wider pool of legal talent

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